The Fruit

The boxes this week have plums and nadacots and the £25 box has some delicious grapes.

As extras we have fresh dates, these are always so popular when we have them. Khalal: Also known as Yellow crunchy dates. The fruit is almost round and pale yellow in colour. The flesh is thick and crisp like an apple and the flavour is rich, and delicate with a mildly sweet flavour. You can eat them whilst they are still firm and crisp, or you can leave them to ripen and change colour. £4 for 200g

We have Honey Mango again this week, these tropical fruits are simply delicious and they have a string-less flesh and one of the thinnest seeds of any mango. They are smaller than other varieties of mango but they do have a lot of flesh for their size and they melt in your mouth like butter when you eat them. Honey mangos have a bright yellow to orange flesh when ripe. These were very popular last week, we have a slightly larger fruit this week £3.40 each