La Tua Fresh Pasta

Looking for a quick delicious dinner why not try our range of La Tua Pasta, from Thursday we will have available – 

Spinach and Ricotta ravioli £5.50 250g serves 2 – Spinach & Ricotta Ravioli is the most traditional and well-known Italian variety of ravioli. The delicious and creamy filling is made from scratch in the La Tua’s London kitchen by cooking whole spinach leaves with a bit of garlic and then adding fresh ricotta cheese and Italian grated cheese. This filling is a firm favourite which is only reflected by the number of awards it’s acquired. We suggest serving up with olive oil and Parmigiano Reggiano or gently coating of Sage Butter or Nutmeg Butter

Pea & Shallot Vegan Ravioli £6.00 250g serves 2 – La Tua artisan Peas & Shallot Vegan* Ravioli are square-shaped pasta parcels (made with durum wheat flour and water) stuffed with a simple but delicious filling of green peas and tasty shallots sautéed in Extra Virgin Olive Oil. They are best served with our Mutti Tomato Sauces or a sauce of your choice.

Spinach Gnocchi, delicious soft potato dumplings suitable mixed with spinach for vegans. £3.50 250g serves 2 – La Tua Gnocchi are delicious soft potato dumplings. They are freshly made using premium Italian ingredients. They are soft and light in texture, and cook in only a few minutes in boiling water. They are extremely versatile and can be served with any sauce. If you prefer them crispy, just pan fry them in butter or tossed with pan fried veg.  Suitable for vegans*. Suitable for freezing. A perfect partnership is our Sage and Garlic in Brown Butter 50g £1.50

Tomato and Mozzarella Tortelloni – £7.00250g serves 2These Artisan Tortelloni are hand folded one by one to incorporate more filling. The pasta has a very high Free Range egg percentage (30%) and La Tua use a special blend of 00 and Durum Wheat flour so that the pasta holds the cooking very well. This filling features a classic taste combination that combines tasty marinated tomatoes with premium Fresh Italian mozzarella and basil: fresh and full of flavour, this is a simple and truly beautiful Italian filling and an all time favourite!