How to order FishClick here for detail




approx 180 - 200g serve.  


approx 160g serve.  


per crab


per pair (approx. 300-330g)


approx 300g fillet


approx  180 - 200g fillet.      


approx 150 - 180g fillet


200g Pack


approx 200g steak


approx 180-200g serves 1

Fresh Fish

We handpick our fish every morning from the Manchester fish market where fresh fish is transported in from all over the U.K. and select parts of the world daily.

The key to our delicious fish is that we only buy the best quality, freshest fish and we only buy enough for each day’s trade so if you are planning to pop in later in the afternoon, a quick call for us to put your fish aside can save disappointment.

Ordering Fish

You can order fish to be added to your Box. We charge £2 for local delivery on separate fish orders with a minimum order of £15.

To ensure your fish is market fresh please place your orders as follows:

For delivery on

  • Tuesday & Wednesday:  order by Tuesday 10am.
  • Thursday, Friday & Saturday: order by Wednesday 4pm.

(We will pack your fish in ice to keep it fresh.)