Yorkshire Forced Rhubarb

It is always an exciting time in the shop when the first of the Yorkshire forced rhubarb arrives. Slender and bright pink, this elegant British speciality is ‘forced’ in the famously dark growing sheds of Yorkshire’s rhubarb triangle.

Yorkshire Forced Rhubarb is an out of season rhubarb that is first grown outside for a period of two years so that the exposure to frost toughens the roots. After initial exposure to the frost, the Rhubarb is lifted from the ground and placed into forcing sheds. Once in the darkened sheds, heat is applied causing the rhubarb to grow quickly in search of light.
The Rhubarb is harvested by candle light to maintain the tenderness of the shoots and ensure that growth continues. This growing process produces rhubarb that is sweeter and more delicately flavoured with an especially vivid red colour.
This really is the best of British produce.

We all have our favourite way of using Rhubarb, simply stewed, in a crumble or my favourite rhubarb and stem ginger fool – delicious

Our grower picks once a week on a Wednesday these will arrive at the market tonight ready for us to collect in the morning it really doesn’t get any fresher, not 100% sure of the price this year, possibly £6 for 500g (slight increase on last year at £5.50 for 500g)