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English Cherries

This week we have more English Cherries from Kent (the garden of England). They have a short season of just a few weeks from June to July, so blink and you’ll miss them. As well as being a good source of fibre, vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, copper and iron, this small fruit contains soluble fibre that can help lower cholesterol and research has shown, people who eat more potassium- containing foods like cherries, tend to be less likely to have high blood pressure. Did you know cherries also contain melatonin, a hormone found naturally in the body, which regulates sleep. But best of all, they taste delicious. I think profits must definitely be down in the shop when English cherries arrive, we can’t walk past them without taking one or two. Red lips and fingers are a definite give away!!! 330g for £3.00