Take a great ingredient like our fresh Scottish salmon fillets and within minutes turn them into this delicious meal with garlic butter and honey. Peruse our Fruit and Vegetables page to find some salad or veg to complete your meal.

This or any other recipe can be added to your box or if you’re not having a box you may like to peruse our Fruit and Vegetables page to find some salad or veg to complete your meal. Take the order to £15 and you can have it delivered at no extra cost or simply pick up from our

Go to the fish section of our Recipe Bag page for more details.

La Tua Fresh Pasta

We have been proud suppliers of La Tua pasta for a few years now. we were blown away with this authentic pasta and it is extremely popular in the shop. Each packet is 1-2 portions. La Tua Pasta was founded in 2006 by Francesco Boggian and his wife Caroline. Francesco decided to bring a piece of Italy to the UK by making truly authentic Italian pasta.

He wanted the pasta to be so well-crafted, and so fresh, that chefs would be proud to serve it as their own hand-made pasta. They have developed over 300 types of fresh and filled pasta! Sometimes even calling family and friends back in Italy to get old recipes and new ideas. We met Francesco for the first time at a food fair in Manchester 8 years ago where we tasted his wonderful pasta and have stocked it ever since.

We have available this week –

Spinach & ricotta Ravioli –

These Ravioli are square-shaped pasta parcels made from 00 and Durum Wheat flour with a high free-range egg content (30%) – this is a sign of superior quality. Spinach & Ricotta Ravioli is the most traditional and well-known Italian variety of ravioli. The delicious and creamy filling is made from scratch in the La Tua’s London kitchen by cooking whole spinach leaves with a bit of garlic and then adding fresh ricotta cheese and Italian grated cheese. This filling is a firm favourite which is only reflected by the number of awards it’s acquired. We suggest serving up with olive oil and Parmigiano Reggiano or gently coating with a Sage Butter Sauce. £5.00

Tomato & mozzarella tortelloni –

Artisan Tortelloni are hand folded one by one to incorporate more filling. The pasta has a very high Free Range egg percentage (30%) and we use a special blend of 00 and Durum Wheat flour so that the pasta holds the cooking very well. This filling features a classic taste combination that combines tasty marinated tomatoes with premium Fresh Italian mozzarella and basil: fresh and full of flavour, this is a simple and truly beautiful Italian filling and an all time favourite! Suitable for freezing £6.50

Beef Ravioli –

These are square-shaped pasta parcels made from 00 and durum wheat flour with a high free-range egg content (30%) – this is a sign of superior quality. This filling is made with fresh full-cut beef slow-cooked in red wine and vegetables. Try them with some béchamel and mushroom,  Tomato Sauce, sun-dried tomato pesto or just with olive oil and Parmigiano Reggiano! Suitable for freezing. £6.50

Gnocchi –

La Tua Potato Gnocchi are delicious soft potato dumplings. They are freshly made using premium Italian ingredients. They are soft and light in texture, and cook in only a few minutes in boiling water. They are extremely versatile and can be served with any sauce. If you prefer them crispy, just pan fry them in butter or tossed with pan fried veg.  Suitable for vegans*. Suitable for freezing £3.30


Our delicious basil pesto, makes a quick, simple dinner, paired with pasta. Gently warmed through with freshly cooked pasta or even turned into a cold pasta salad. Equally delicious on salmon or cod. £5, 180g pot.

We have of course all of our olives available, see our Antipasti selection in the Deli Corner.

Creamy Lancashire

This weeks cheese is creamy Lancashire from Carron Lodge, farmhouse cheesemakers based in Inglewhite, Lancashire in between the Bowland Fells and Fylde Coast. They produce over 30 varieties of farmhouse cheese using milk from their own herd of Pedigree Holstein Friesians. Creamy lancashire has a smooth and creamy texture, a well rounded mild flavour and fabulous to cook with, it is exceptionally good for cheese on toast. £3.50 per portion.

Why not pair it with Henderson’s Relish, This spicy table sauce made in Sheffield since 1885, more than 130 years later they are still a family business and still blending in Sheffield to a secret recipe , known only to three family members. Splash it on pies, in stews, over chips, cheese on toast and more. Henderson’s Relish is approved by the Vegetarian Society as suitable for vegans, and is gluten free. £1.90 284ml

This week’s Boxes – The Vegetables

Curried Parsnip and Apple Soup

This weeks recipe is a lovely warming autumnal soup, curried parsnip and apple. A mix of sweet parsnips and tangy apple which combine beautifully. All the ingredients are included in both our boxes. (Note the recipe included in your box says use Bramley apple, but we have substituted Granny Smiths this time as the Bramley apples are just too big – it has been a good season, the recipe only calls for a small amount of Bramley apple and we didn’t want you to have to waste the rest).

October brings lots of hearty autumnal vegetables, perfect for roasting, soups and stews. Both boxes include sweet potatoes, which, are nutritious and delicious. Try them roasted, mashed or baked whole in their skins. Sweet potatoes are among the best sources of Vitamin A and are also naturally packed with vitamin B5, riboflavin, niacin, thiamin and carotenoids due to their natural orange colour. A great alternative to regular potatoes

Do you only eat Brussels sprouts at Christmas? These tiny cabbages are in season October until March but most of us only eat them in December.  They’re usually boiled or steamed but there’s so much more you can do with them.

High in fibre, Brussels sprouts are a relative of cabbage, kale and broccoli and are surprisingly versatile. Roasting them in a little olive oil with garlic and Parmesan cheese is a good starting place if you’ve not tried anything but boiled or steamed. It really brings out the flavour and takes the edge off the bitterness. They also make a tasty alternative to cabbage, just shred them before cooking. 

We have included a bonbon squash in our £25 box this week. They have a glorious deep-orange flesh which roasts to a rich, honeyed sweetness. Grown on Bedlam Farm in the Fenland area of Cambridgeshire, known for its rich, peaty soils. Roasted squash is very versatile, it can be added to stews, curries, soups, risottos and even salads. Steamed is delicious mashed with a hint of nutmeg, salt, pepper and butter. If you would like to add to your £15 box £2.20 each 

You can still contact us via messenger sending us a  private message (we don’t always see messages left in the comments section of our post) or contact the shop on 01457 852456 or text Sharon on 07838 256631

Our £15 (ideal for 2/3 people)

New potatoes

Sweet potatoes


Onions (R)

Parsnips (R)

Garlic (R)

Sweetheart cabbage


Granny Smith apples (1 needed for the recipe)


Italian Autumn Giant plums 


(R) items needed for the recipe

Our £25 box (ideal for a family of 4) contains all of the above in larger quantities plus 

Bonbon squash

Cos lettuce

Cherry tomatoes

Some items may change to bring you what’s best available on the day.

Breakfast Box

Our breakfast box this week includes Kim’s homemade, all natural muesli, bursting with oats, coconut, almonds, cranberries, sultanas, pumpkin, sunflower and sesame seeds, natural puffed corn,



grapefruit or bananas

Large Longley Farm natural whole milk yoghurt £12.70

English Cherries

This week we have more English Cherries from Kent (the garden of England). They have a short season of just a few weeks from June to July, so blink and you’ll miss them. As well as being a good source of fibre, vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, copper and iron, this small fruit contains soluble fibre that can help lower cholesterol and research has shown, people who eat more potassium- containing foods like cherries, tend to be less likely to have high blood pressure. Did you know cherries also contain melatonin, a hormone found naturally in the body, which regulates sleep. But best of all, they taste delicious. I think profits must definitely be down in the shop when English cherries arrive, we can’t walk past them without taking one or two. Red lips and fingers are a definite give away!!! 330g for £3.00