Fish of the Week

Our fish of the week this week is dressed crab. These traditional English crabs from the East coast are fully dressed including both white and brown meat, shredded, separated and beautifully presented in the shell. Delicious with a squeeze of lemon juice and a light salad. £6.60.

This Week’s Cheese

Our cheese this week is Chantal Juene. For anyone who has watched Rick Stein Secret France series you will remember the episode when he arrives in the Auvergne, famous for hearty dishes celebrating the finest Salers beef and Cantal cheese. Salers cattle produce the milk for Cantal cheese, the rich milk from these mahogany coloured cows produces this very special cheese. Cantal Jeune (meaning young in French), aged from 30 to 60 days, is the youngest type, with a smooth, softer texture and fresh, milky flavour similar to Comte. We handcut this cheese and sizes do vary £17 per kg (we have portions between £2.50 and £4.50) let us know approx which size you would like.

Fish of the Week

Our “Fish of the Week”, this week is Sea Bream or
Gilthead bream. Named after the little gold bar on their forehead, with a metallic sheen and chunky profile, the gilthead bream is a beauty of a fish.

Gilthead bream are predatory coastal fish found in estuaries and bays, growing to lengths of 70cm, and can live for as long as 11 years. Interestingly, these fish start life as males and change sex at about three years of age. With dense, juicy white flesh, sea bream  have a meaty texture, a clean taste and a delicate flavour. Great fried, grilled or steamed. We are including one of our popular flavoured butters just add to the pan towards the end of cooking. £11.50 for 2 fillets and flavoured butter you can choose from:-

Garlic, parsley, lemon juice and lemon zest

Parsley, Chilli, Lemon Juice & Zest

Parsley, chilli, garlic, curry powder, paprika


It took lots of tasting to find our perfect houmous. Our suppliers based in Lancashire, a family run business since 1900, are suppliers of fine food and cheeses, their houmous is a simple blend of chickpeas, garlic, lemon juice and olive oil. Our customers agree with us that this is definitely the best tasting houmous, great for dipping and layering on sandwiches £3.30 per pot 330g 

We have Semi sun dried cherry tomatoes this week. Perfect for salads, pasta, pizza or antipasti boards £4 per pot

This weeks olive is our antipasti Mix containing pitted Halkidiki and Kalamata olives, roasted red peppers, baby gherkins & sweet garlic cloves in a Provencal Italian herb marinade. £4.50 per pot

Flavoured Butters

We have a new range of our own flavoured butters. They are an amazing condiment, one of the best ways to add great flavours to any meal, including vegetables, pasta, fish, steak and chicken.  Just add to the pan a couple of minutes before the end of cooking and baste.

You can choose from 

Garlic, parsley, lemon juice and zest

Sage, salt and pepper

Parsley, Chilli, Lemon Juice & Zest

White Truffle Oil, Parmesan Cheese, Salt & Pepper

Parsley, chilli, garlic, curry powder, paprika 

Breakfast Box

Breakfast Box ICON

Looking for breakfast inspiration, then try our popular breakfast box which includes Kim’s homemade, all natural muesli, bursting with oats, coconut, almonds, cashews, cranberries, sultanas, pumpkin, sunflower, sesame seeds, natural puffed corn and cinnamon.



grapefruit x 2 or bananas

Large Longley Farm natural whole milk yoghurt 


Yorkshire Forced Rhubarb

It is always an exciting time in the shop when the first of the Yorkshire forced rhubarb arrives. Slender and bright pink, this elegant British speciality is ‘forced’ in the famously dark growing sheds of Yorkshire’s rhubarb triangle.

Yorkshire Forced Rhubarb is an out of season rhubarb that is first grown outside for a period of two years so that the exposure to frost toughens the roots. After initial exposure to the frost, the Rhubarb is lifted from the ground and placed into forcing sheds. Once in the darkened sheds, heat is applied causing the rhubarb to grow quickly in search of light.
The Rhubarb is harvested by candle light to maintain the tenderness of the shoots and ensure that growth continues. This growing process produces rhubarb that is sweeter and more delicately flavoured with an especially vivid red colour.
This really is the best of British produce.

We all have our favourite way of using Rhubarb, simply stewed, in a crumble or my favourite rhubarb and stem ginger fool – delicious

Our grower picks once a week on a Wednesday these will arrive at the market tonight ready for us to collect in the morning it really doesn’t get any fresher, not 100% sure of the price this year, possibly £6 for 500g (slight increase on last year at £5.50 for 500g)

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