Fresh Artisan Bread

Our popular artisan bread will be available from Wednesday onwards. we will have white and seeded sourdough, white and wholemeal cob available every Wednesday and Thursday, Friday and Saturdays we will also have focaccia and French sticks, our bread can sell out very quickly to make sure you aren’t disappointed send us a message or phone the shop on 01457 852456 and we will make sure we save one for you. Bread always seems to be the first thing that people cut out of their diets when trying to cut down, but sourdough not only delivers a tangy flavour that’s perfect for toast and sandwiches, it is good for you, too! The fermentation process for sourdough bread can lead to an increased number of prebiotic and probiotic-like properties, which help improve gut health. It freezes exceptionally well so you won’t be tempted to eat the whole loaf.