This week’s Boxes

This week both boxes contain all the fresh ingredients to make our lovely lemon and herb, pearl couscous salad, you will just need to add mustard and honey. This salad is so easy to make ahead, great for picnics, barbecues, packed lunches and perfect for a light summer dinner.

Nothing can beat the taste of warm, buttery corn on the cob, it makes a great side dish with fish or chicken. We have fresh corn in both our boxes, we have tried all ways to cook corn, but this one is the best, microwave for about 4 minutes with the husk on. You can add extra to your order £1.40 each.

Our £25 box includes Italian Chioggia (candy) beetrootthis is a lot sweeter and not as earthy tasting as traditional red beetroot. Its flesh is made up of beautiful, alternating red and white rings. To take advantage of this, you can slice it thinly and use raw in salads – once cooked it turns a uniform mellow pink, also beautiful roasted in wedges drizzled with balsamic vinegar left to cool and added to salads. See below the gallery for the rest of the contents.

With the school holidays fast approaching we appreciate your routine will change, if our regular box won’t suit your needs over the next few weeks, why not try something different, we can make up a box including our recipe of the week, hummus, cheese, crackers and fruit starting from £20 perfect for picnics, camping or enjoying in the garden.

Our £15 box (ideal for 2/3 people)

Pearl couscous (R)

Baking potatoes


Corn on the cob 

Parsley (R)

Mint (R)


Cucumber (R)

Red pepper (R)

Plum tomatoes (R)

Lemon (R)


Yellow plums

Red plums 

(R) items needed for the recipe

Our £25 box (ideal for a family of 4) contains all of the above in larger quantities plus

New season English summer cabbage 

Candy beetroot 

Cantaloupe melon 

Some items may change to bring you what’s best available on the day