This week’s Boxes

This week we have a new soup for you, honey roasted parsnip and carrot. We have paired it with wonderful parsnips crisps which are so easy to make, they are going to become a new family favourite. In fact we are enjoying them so much we have even been experimenting with beetroot and carrots crisps. Parsnips go together so well with carrots. This thick and satisfying soup has a lovely deep saffron yellow colour and a sweet flavour. All the ingredients except for the honey are included in both our £15 and £25 box. 

Both boxes this week include Sweetheart cabbage, the sweetest of all the cabbages and such a versatile vegetable, delicious in stir fries, or sautéed lightly and served with lemon, butter and seasoning, or you can even slice finely and use in coleslaw.

We have also included Spanish grown Cos lettuce. It is actually the most nutritious of all lettuce varieties, perfect for a Caesar salad. 

This week’s £25 box contains a Kumato tomato, these tomatoes ripen from the inside out, their colour changing naturally from dark brown to a golden green, and they are unique in that they are edible in all stages of ripeness. When dark brownish-red with no green in sight, the flavour is mild. When brownish in colour and brushed with red, these tomatoes are at the peak of flavour, and when brownish with a slight green overcast, they are at their ideal eating stage. They are juicy with a firm texture, and they have a higher brix level, or fructose content, than that of traditional red tomatoes, resulting in their extraordinarily sweet, complex flavour, which is succulent and also slightly tart. 

We also have Raf tomatoes this week if you would like to add to your order. They are a relatively new variety of winter tomato, the Raf is heavily ridged and brushed with green at the top. Crisp and fragrant, lightly tart, it grows in the salty, sandy soil along the Southern Spanish coast. The plants are watered with sea water to enhance the flavour of the tomatoes, which turn out intensely sweet yet with a distinct salty, sharp bite. They are difficult to source but we have been lucky enough to get some which you can add to your order. £1.20 each. 

Our £15 box (ideal for 2/3 people)

Our special curry powder mix (R)

Washed new potatoes

Onion (R)

Carrots (R)

Parsnips (R)

Sweetheart cabbage


Cos lettuce

Conference pears

Gala apple

Braeburn apple


Large navel orange 

(R) items needed for the recipe

Our £25 box (ideal for a family of 4) contains all of the above in larger quantities plus

Butternut squash

Kumato tomato

Romero peppers

Some items may change to bring you what’s best available on the day