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A thick, dense ruby-colored syrup with a balanced sweet and sharp, fruity-tart kick that adds complexity to dishes when added.

Odysea pomegranate molasses is made only with 100% pomegranate juice that has been slowly reduced until it reaches the desired consistency.

The pomegranates are harvested from late August to mid-autumn carefully selected from a variety that yields bigger dark burgundy fruit with a good balance of sour & sweet flavours.

The juice is extracted from the pomegranates & slowly reduced with no added sugars or any additives until it becomes a dense syrup. It takes approx. 340g of pure pomegranate juice to make a 250ml bottle of our molasses.

Pomegranate molasses is a staple to Persian, Levantine & Eastern Mediterranean cuisine. Ideal to whisk into marinades or dressings, to brush over meat or poultry as a glaze, to drizzle over roast vegetables, fruit or yoghurt.

A proud two-star winner in Great Taste Awards 2020, our pomegranate molasses was described by the judges as “flawless” in its “thick syrupy texture”, “carrying with it the sweet sharpness of the fruit, and quite some complexity”.

Perfect for using it as a cordial for cocktails or just enjoy by mixing a few drops with prosecco.