Our sweet balsamic dressing has a perfectly balanced glow at the back of the taste.

The chilli gives a lovely tang to a flavour that will liven up your salads, and is perfect with pasta.  It’s great with all things barbecue.

So many chilli sauces and dressings are just hot, and not much else.  Little Doone took a lot of time and care to get the flavour of the balsamic and the flavour of the chilli perfectly married, with just a little heat at the back of the taste. And because the kick is at the back of the palate, it doesn’t damage your taste buds so you can enjoy the rest of your meal.
A firm favourite, the flavours compliment many savoury dishes where you wish to have the depth of balsamic but give just that little edge to the taste. We think it’s great with pasta dishes, or a surprising hit with fresh strawberries.