180g  portion

Made from 100% Yorkshire cows milk, Yorkshire Blue is a mild, soft, creamy, blue veined cheese. The traditional recipe has been developed to give the cheese a unique buttery/sweet flavour with no sharp bite. It is a multi-award winning Yorkshire Blue, launched in 1995.  The traditional recipe was developed from a continental style, it was the first cows milk blue cheese to be made in Yorkshire in the last 30 years. Handmade with the finest ingredients, the cheese is matured gently over an 8 week period. Each cheese is individually hand turned every week to ensure the consistent blue-veining and creamy smooth texture. Yorkshire Blue is a fantastic cheese to use as an introduction to blue cheese – as at 8 weeks it is buttery, sweet and mild in flavour. As the cheese ages the flavour becomes more complex, but always remains mild and creamy. Yorkshire Blue is a true favourite.